This is a backup server running the last version of iTOL2. You can use it freely and upload new trees, but they will not be visible in current version of iTOL.

Access shared projects

Use this page to access the shared projects of any iTOL user. Type their login ID into the field below and click 'Display shared projects'. You can view and export any tree in these projects, but you cannot modify them in any way. If you are logged into your own iTOL account, you can also copy trees into your own projects.

Login ID:   Example ID: ivica

How to share your own trees in iTOL?

You can mark any project in your workspaces as 'shared'. Use the "Toggle project sharing" function in the project options popup to change the shared status. Shared projects will have an extra icon in the header (Shared) and the project background will be light yellow.

Send your login ID to your colleauges or friends, and they can type it into the box above to see all your shared projects. They will be able to view and export the trees, but not modify or delete them.

Shared projects can also be accessed through a simple URL:

Changing the shared
  project statusShared
  project icon